Jack Magee

BJJ BLack Belt 2nd Dan BJJ,MMA Pro and Head Instructor/creator OF mad hatters asylum

The only Black Belt in BJJ in Chichester, Founder of Mad Hatters Asylum Academy, 17 years experience in MMA and BJJ being part of the 1st full time gym in the South East under Sol Gilbert at ZT Fight School.

Traveling to Brazil at the young age of 17 Jack has always looked to further his skill set going to Brazil, Thailand, USA, Germany, Russia, India, Malaysia, Australia and Ireland to fight, teach and Train its no surprise he has a lot of knowledge in Mixed Martial Arts, Fitness and Mental preparation.

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James Mardell

BJJ Brown Belt

James has been practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 10 years and experienced all the ups and downs the journey has to offer. His wealth of experience and dedication to the Mad Hatters Team made him the obvious choice when Jack promoted him as his first BJJ Brown Belt. Since then James continues to successfully compete and represents the Mad Hatters ethos persistently, bestowing his knowledge and enthusiasm on to his own students at Mad Hatters affiliate club Lab 99.


Rowan Bailey

Athlete - BJJ instructor

Kids class instructor and active competitor. “I didn’t find Jiu-Jitsu until my thirties and it has become my biggest passion. I have been fortunate enough for Jiu-Jitsu to take me to some great places around the world. You’re never too young or too old to start!”  Purple Belt

English Open No-Gi - Gold

NAGA Europe & Italy - Silver

IBJJF World No-Gi - Bronze

Blue Belt

IBJJF Rome Gi - Gold

IBJJF German National - Gold

ADCC UK - Gold


Adam Gunning

Adam is a combat sports enthusiast who initially began practicing Mixed Martial Arts to get in shape. Grappling quickly became his primary focus due to its effectiveness in combat sports and over the past 5 years he has developed a strong skill set within BJJ and submission grappling. Like all our instructors Adam actively competes whenever he can and has had success in doing so regularly winning. Adam is also an MMA commentator and co-host of The Asylum Podcast which is growing in popularity with every episode.


Adam Fyfe

Adam is lead coach of Mad Hatters Affiliate The Garden Club who’s current rank of BJJ Blue Belt does not adequately represent his experience. Adam is life long martial artist who originally started with Karate as a child to defend himself against his older brother, he has studied many other disciplines over the years including Wrestling, kickboxing, Muay Thai and has competed MMA on multiple occasions. He has been a Blue Belt for 7 years and has turned his focus back to BJJ after founding The Garden Club with his brother. We are very happy to have Adam as one of our coaches and to have his his club affiliated with the Mad Hatters.


Ashley Kilvington

Ashley's journey started 5 years ago as a hobby but soon became a lifestyle choice he invested everything in to. In those 5 years he has successfully competed in BJJ, MMA and Boxing all across the U.K. He has an impressive record as a ranked amateur MMA fighter and has won titles while competing on some of Europe's top promotions with his sights now firmly set on his Professional debut. Ashley has trained in numerous countries like Brazil and Spain alongside UFC fighters and talented up and comers alike. His Daughter Maddison also trains with Mad Hatters family and has recently started competing herself.


Caroline Taylor

Hi I’m Caroline Taylor @pinkphys - a mobile personal trainer for Chichester and the surrounding area - with 22 years military service and 15 years experience personal training I am passionate in helping my clients feel strong energised and fit for life - if it’s help getting out your car or climbing a mountain I could help you.

My group classes include animalflow - mobility - boxing - kettlebell - TRX and boot camps for more info please call 07980002397 /: Instagram @pinkphys /